Rules and Preperation

How are we going to do this?

This game will be run using D&D 3rd Edition Rules.
We will probably be using Google Hangouts.
(There are apps for almost every device and it is also online)
You do not need a web cam to play this game. However you will need a microphone.

Invited Players List:


To RSVP please:

1. Create a Character
You can use 3.5 rules to do this if you would like.
Do it the traditional dice rolling way with paper and pencil or online.
(I will provide some links to create a character online)

2. Email me your Character Sheet and let me know what days of the week are best.
I would just like to see what kind of a group I need to build the adventure around.

Playing Time(s)

A date has not been determined. Most likely during the Christmas break.
It will be a late evening game. Starting about 8 pm and ending between 11 and midnight.

Rules and Preperation

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